Heiligengeist School Lüneburg. A Growing Sculpture

What kind of growth do we need? How can we rethink growth - beyond the dogma of economic growth, but in line with peoples´ real needs and in harmony with nature? How can a school better become a place for human beings - children and adults - to thrive sustainably? Such questions mark the beginning of Heiligengeist School Lüneburg. A Growing Sculpture.

The Growing Sculpture Heiligengeist School Lüneburg does not focus - as all too often the case with schools - on problems and deficits. On the contrary.

The artwork aims to give space and respect to resources and capacities which pave the way to a desirable future. It intends to create a consciousness for existing strengths. It intends to honour humaneness - and thus make it grow.

The Growing Sculpture Heiligengeist School Lüneburg embraces two sculptural processes, which interconnect like two wings.

Wing I is a spatial-architectural intervention. This intervention aims to create a space for sustainable growth - an empowering space between tradition and future.

Wing II is the Workshop Warmth Sculpture Heiligengeist School. Here we develop practices that increase the consciousness of the humane potential in this school.

The work is dedicated to the pupils of today and tomorrow.

Wing I is conceived and realized by artist George Steinmann, Wing II by artist and cultural researcher Hildegard Kurt. Together the wings form the Growing Sculpture Heiligengeist School Lüneburg.

The work dedicates itself entirely to its site. Yet, at the same time it will, we hope, be exemplary - a model for other schools.

Heiligengeistschule Lüneburg

Heiligengeist School in Lüneburg, founded in 1816. The slender spire has become a symbol for education and social work in the town.




auf dem Schulhof

Our work is based on the specificneeds of the Heiligengeist School. However, the results could become exemplary for other schools too.




Erste Werkstatt Wärmeplastik

Warmth Sculpture Workshop, Wing II of the Growing Sculpture Heiligengeist School Lüneburg.

photos: George Steinmann